Peer into the history of Xadia with this special collection of high-resolution flashback images from Season 4 of The Dragon Prince!

Featuring artwork from the fourth episode of the season, titled  “Chapter 4: Through the Looking Glass,” these beautiful illustrations showcase some of the greatest leaders who ever ruled over the kingdoms of humans, elves, and dragons:

  • Luna Tenebris, former Dragon Queen and Archdragon of Moon
  • Domina Profundis, Archdragon of Ocean
  • Rex Igneous, Archdragon of Earth
  • Avizandum, former Dragon King and Archdragon of Sky
  • Aditi, former Queen of the Sunfire elves
  • And the Orphan Queen of Katolis

Check out our latest official clip, “The Fallen Star,” to learn more and get a sneak peek at episode four. Then, watch all nine episodes of Season 4 on NOVEMBER 3—only on Netflix!

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