With wit as sharp and dangerous as her blades, Rayla is a young Moonshadow elf assassin… or, at least she calls herself one. While she may be the fastest and strongest of all of her comrades, Rayla is untested — she has never taken a life before. But now the Moonshadow assassins have a mission, and Rayla has her chance: to take vengeance for the death of the Dragon King, she must kill the human king of Katolis.



As the adopted son of King Harrow, Callum is the “step prince” of Katolis. He’s an awkward fit for the role of a prince: Callum can hardly hold up a sword, he falls off every horse he tries to ride, and he isn’t quite sure how to act around his stepfather, the King. Nonetheless, Callum has a big heart and tries his hardest at everything, no matter how many times he falls down — he knows that one day, he’ll find his place in the world.


Ezran is the crown prince of Katolis and heir to King Harrow’s throne. Quirky and lighthearted, Ezran is an eccentric kid who has always had trouble making friends — with humans, at least. He has an amazing ability to befriend animals, and his best friend is his pet grumpy glow toad, Bait. Ezran doesn’t quite understand the weight of his crown yet, and spends his princely freedom exploring the darkest, most secret nooks and crannies of Katolis Castle (Bait lighting the way, of course).



Bait is Ezran’s pet, companion, and best friend. Glow toads are magical creatures that can shine bright in dark places but, as Bait’s sour face suggests, they’re also perpetually grumpy. Bait’s skin changes colors to reflect his ever-shifting moods, displaying his full emotional range – grumpy and tired, grumpy and confused, grumpy and hungry…



Viren is the High Mage of Katolis, and King Harrow’s closest advisor. A master of dark magic, Viren knows that any problem can be solved with a “creative solution,” and Viren’s clever spells have saved the human kingdoms from disaster. Cunning, ambitious, and bold, Viren has a vision of a great future for humanity, and will go to any length to achieve it.


Harrow is King of Katolis, the largest of the five human kingdoms. Father to Ezran and step-father to Callum, he is beloved for his skill in extremely bad jokes. As King, Harrow has done his best to be a kind and just ruler, and made many sacrifices for the good of his people. But when he struck down the King of the Dragons, King Harrow made enemies in Xadia that will try to take his life in turn — and this time, he may not have a way out.

King Harrow


Just because Claudia seems like a weirdo who’s so spaced out she could walk into a stationary object doesn’t mean she’s not paying attention. She’s a naturally talented mage who has learned the intricacies of dark magic well from her proud father, Viren. Perhaps one day she will even surpass him, but until then she’s happy to use her skill with the dark arts to make extra fluffy pancakes and prank her brother, Soren.


Soren is an expert swordsman in the elite group of soldiers tasked with protecting the king of Katolis. He is the eldest son of High Mage Viren, but couldn’t be less like his meticulous father. On the outside, Soren is brash and overconfident, but with his sister Claudia, he’s a giant goofball. His joke-telling has a long way to catch up with his physical prowess, and unfortunately, the human brain is not a muscle that gets stronger with more squats.



Runaan is the leader of a deadly group of elite Moonshadow elf assassins. He has seen his share of hardship and war and isn’t sentimental about spilling blood when necessary. But while Runaan has learned to put his mission above all else, he cares deeply for his people — especially the youngest of his assassins, Rayla, who in his heart is like a daughter to him.


Renowned for her iron will and ferocity in battle, Amaya is one of the highest-ranking generals in the army of Katolis. She’s both an immovable object and an unstoppable force: in a fight, she’s more likely to use her shield like a battering ram. Nevertheless, she’s fiercely protective of her nephews, Callum and Ezran. Amaya is often accompanied by Gren, her most trusted lieutenant and Sign Language interpreter.


Mysterious and charismatic, Aaravos is a rare kind of elf few have ever seen. He is secretive yet charming, and even Viren finds himself compelled by Aaravos’ cryptic words and gifts.


Azymondias, or Zym for short, is a baby dragon and future ruler of Xadia. One day he might follow in the footsteps of his father and wield the awesome power of the Sky primal to serve his subjects, but today, he’s a sweet, goofy and loyal companion to Ezran. He hatched in the middle of an intense conflict between Xadia and the human kingdoms, but if Ezran, Callum, and Rayla can help get him home to Xadia, he might be the key to stopping the war.


Janai is the younger sister of the Sunfire Queen and next in line for the throne, but she prefers to be known by her military title: the Golden Knight of Lux Aurea. Janai is a warrior whose fiery heart truly thrives in the heat of battle, but above all else, she values those who fight with honor. Janai and her squadron have taken up patrol of the Border, where they discovered an unexpected incursion of troops from Katolis…


Earnest, loyal, and trusting almost to a fault, Commander Gren serves as General Amaya’s lieutenant and Sign Language interpreter. Despite his status as a member of the Katolis army, Gren does not wield a weapon: he considers himself more of a diplomat than a fighter. Peaceful and soft-hearted, Gren is happiest at General Amaya’s side, both her voice and closest friend.


After countless battles and secret missions, Corvus earned Amaya’s trust forever. His loyalty to Katolis is unalloyed, and his skill as a tracker unparalleled. He might be soft-spoken, but it comes in handy when he’s on the trail of Moonshadow elf assassins.


Ellis was just a normal kid in a mountain town until she found an injured wolf pup in the woods. Unwilling to let nature take its course, and against her parents’ wishes, she nursed the wolf back to health. Now the two are an inseparable team.


Opeli is a respected member of Katolis’ High Council, a group of advisers who aid the King in his duties. She is a traditionalist to her core: if Katolis had a rulebook, she’d know it by heart. Opeli has served the Kingdom of Katolis with love and devotion for her entire life, and sees Viren’s attempts to secure the throne as terrible treason.


The Moon Nexus is one of the six primal Nexuses, special locations where Primal Energy is most pure and powerful. As Guardian of the Moon Nexus, it falls to Lujanne to scare away trespassers with terrifying illusions. A wise and powerful Moonshadow Elf mage, Lujanne is wholly dedicated to her sacred duty, but protecting the Nexus is lonely work — in her years of solitude, Lujanne has developed some eccentric wisdom and a kooky sense of humor.


Kasef is the hot-headed Prince of Neolandia. When his father, King Ahling, is injured by elven assassins, Kasef takes control of the kingdom and its ferocious army with only one goal: war.


The fallen warrior queen of Katolis, Sarai was a deadly force on the battlefield and a compassionate mother to Prince Callum and Ezran. It wasn’t easy for her to adjust to royal life at first, but she was determined to become a queen that the citizens of Katolis — and her sons — could be proud of. She now lies immortalized in the Valley of Graves, and the kingdom will forever remember her heroic sacrifice.


Once an unsuccessful pirate, and now a captain for-hire, Villads and his trusty parrot Berto cruise the waters in search of cargo and passengers who will listen to Villads’ sometimes long-winded, and always weird wisdom.


Aanya had to grow up quickly when she inherited the throne of Duren at an extremely young age. As a young queen, she earned many enemies, as many saw a child ruler as an easy target — but all of them underestimated her. Aanya has fiercely defended her throne and learned lessons some rulers never learn, and now would-be assassins know it’s a fool’s errand to challenge the Queen of Duren.


Ibis is a powerful mage of the Skywing elves. He has long been a liaison between elves and dragons, and his visits to the Storm Spire have grown more frequent since the death of Thunder.


The imperious ruler of Lux Aurea and all Sunfire Elves. Presiding over her subjects from a golden throne, she has no patience for dissent, deception, or the meaningless lives of humans.


Nyx’s wings are a rare gift among Skywing elves — a gift she uses to embrace a life of freedom, adventure, and… well, crimes. Crafty and silver-tongued, she is always on the lookout for a chance at treasure or coin… and what could be a better prize than the Dragon Prince himself?