Season 4 of The Dragon Prince is coming to Netflix this November!

Get a taste for what’s in store for the world of Xadia with an official season overview and two new clips from the season’s first episode, “Chapter 1: Rebirthday.”

TWO YEARS have passed
since the Battle of the Storm Spire.

For the moment, hope has prevailed. Human and elves now enjoy a tenuous peace for the first time in centuries and our heroes have grown both wiser and stronger.

With Amaya at her side, Queen Janai has rebuilt a home for the Sunfire elves from the ashes of the Corrupted Core. Callum is now the High Mage of Katolis, inheriting Lord Viren’s previous responsibilities and possessions. Ezran has fully stepped into his role as king, with Soren and Corvus serving diligently as his Crownguard. Zym is no longer just a hatchling. Bait continues to break records for jelly tart consumption. And Rayla? On Callum’s 15th birthday—convinced by a vision that Viren was somehow, inexplicably still alive—she left everyone she knew behind to search for the man who captured her family and hasn’t been heard from since.

Meanwhile, under the direct guidance of Aaravos and after years of preparation, Claudia has resurrected Viren at great personal cost—but the spell is temporary, and he only has 30 days to live unless they free the Startouch elf from his mysterious prison. With a new ally, Terry the Earthblood elf, at her side, Claudia is determined to follow the clues Aaravos has left her and will stop at nothing to locate his prison in time to save her father.

An impossible task now faces our heroes once again: They must race across the wilds of Xadia, deep into the Drakewood—overcoming new dangers and forging unlikely friendships along the way—to stop Claudia from unleashing Aaravos on to the world.


Discover where fate has led Claudia and Callum—two powerful young mages who were once friends, but are now on very different paths.


“One More Thing”

Following their dramatic reunion, Claudia introduces Viren to the lovable and loyal Earthblood elf, Terry…who also happens to be her new boyfriend.

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