We’ve got three character birthdays in January, and each has some big plans!

January is a big month for The Dragon Prince character birthdays. We haven’t talked about it yet, but the way we decided on birthdays was by seeing how different characters fit into different astrological signs (even though we’re not sure astrology exists in Xadia) and how those signs matched up with other signs, and then chose exact dates based on Wonderstorm employees, loved ones, etc!

First up is Gren’s birthday on January 17th! 

Gren prefers to keep things low-key for his birthday, but for years he’s been unable to because of Amaya’s love for surprise parties. Over the years he’s grown fonder of the parties, while growing more fearful of his favorite birthday treat, strawberry shortcake. He knows Corvus bakes a mean cake, but ever since he’s given in and begun letting Amaya help him prepare the birthday snacks, Gren’s found everything from clumps of flour to egg shells in those once-delectable bites. “Will Corvus be able to make the cake alone this year?” Gren wonders… We’ll find out January 17th.

Soren’s birthday is next, on January 19th!

Soren has always had a bit of a tough time with his birthday, mainly because King Harrow’s birthday is the following day and is usually a week-long celebration. One time Viren forgot about Soren’s birthday because he was so focused on making something for Harrow. Since then, for an entire week before his birthday, Soren’s made sure to let every single person he sees around Katolis know his birthday is coming up and he’s definitely expecting gifts. The only thing he eats on his birthday is breakfast food, but not just any breakfast food. He loves pancakes and waffles piled high with whipped cream, sprinkles, and any kind of sweets he can find (or that Claudia can whip up with a little dark magic). Despite the food he inhales on his birthday, he insists he “hates desserts,” and since it’s his birthday, everyone just goes along with it.

Last but not least, King Harrow’s birthday is January 20th!

King Harrow’s birthday is usually a week-long, kingdom-wide celebration. While he loves his kingdom, he prefers to spend his birthday surrounded by his family and closest friends. Their yearly tradition has been a trip out to the Banther Lodge, where each person brings a vegetable or some other food for a giant birthday stew. Every year, Ezran tosses in a jelly tart and insists the stew just isn’t the same without it. Callum agonizes for a month over what to get his dad for his birthday, but always ends up drawing him a gift at the last minute, which Harrow, of course, cherishes.


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