Creatures of the Forest

Native to the Moonshadow Forest, the protective Shadowpaw and the prideful Moonstrider have lived peacefully alongside the Moonshadow Elves for generations. Over the years, some have been tamed and domesticated for use as mounts, hunting partners, and often simple companionship.

The Shadowpaw

Despite enormous physical strength and ferocity under duress, the Shadowpaw was the first creature companion to the Moonshadow Elves. The Shadowpaw’s protective, familial nature proved a natural match to the Elves’ reclusive, intimate lifestyles.

The Moonstrider

The Moonstrider is a notoriously stubborn and solitary creature. Far more difficult to tame than the Shadowpaw, they require an experienced rider with the patience to challenge the creature’s prideful nature.

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