Many questions remain unanswered following The Battle of the Storm Spire, but only one continues to haunt the very heart of Xadia: “Who is Aaravos?”

After more than a millennium of careful planning, moving and manipulating generations of humans and elves like pieces on some cosmic chess board, the machinations of the Midnight Star known as Aaravos are finally coming to bear. But where did this enigmatic Startouch elf come from? What does he want? And what price will our heroes have to pay to stop him?

Unveil these mysteries and more in SEASON 4—coming to Netflix in 2022.


The countdown to the next phase of The Dragon Prince saga has begun!

Join us this July at San Diego Comic-Con to learn more about the “Mystery of Aaravos,” find out what’s in store for season four, and get an exclusive sneak peek at a new episode.

We’ll be sharing the specifics of our SDCC 2022 presence and panel in the coming weeks, so stay tuned to our official channels and don’t forget to dive into the conversation with fellow fans using #TheDragonPrince hashtag!

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