July is a pretty special month. We’re celebrating both Callum and Rayla’s birthdays!

We’re back with more character birthdays from The Dragon Prince. Like we’ve mentioned before, the way we decided on birthdays was by seeing how different characters fit into different astrological signs (even though we’re not sure astrology exists in Xadia) and how those signs matched up with other signs, and then chose exact dates based on Wonderstorm employees, loved ones, etc!

Callum’s birthday is on July 15th!

Being a “step prince” doesn’t change the way Katolis feels about Callum’s birthday: he’s given the royal treatment, with a castle celebration and a feast of everything he could want (his favorite is the plate of fresh summer fruit). King Harrow especially goes out of his way to make sure Callum feels like the treasured part of the family he is, and his gifts to his stepson are always thoughtful and personal. Callum’s favorite birthday gift remains, of course, his sketchbook.

Callum has one special birthday tradition that he always makes sure to find the time for: he draws the same picture of his family every year. It’s fun to flip back to his older drawings to see how much better his art has become over time. The first childish scribbles in the book, a barely recognizable Harrow, Sarai and Ezran, always make him smile. His first drawing of Bait, too, is pretty much just a circle with angry eyes. He considers it among his best work.

With each passing year, Callum’s drawings of his family are more detailed and realistic, and his memories of those he has lost are as strong and clear as ever.

And Rayla’s birthday is July 31!

As an assassin-in-training, Rayla is used to spending most of her time, well, training. Back in Xadia, she honed her talents in stealth and sharp weapons from sunrise to sunset (and sometimes long into the night, depending on the phase of the moon). But on her birthday, Rayla is up before the sun for a different reason: every year, on the morning of her birthday, Rayla gets a special letter from her parents. They tell her of life as honorable Dragonguard, of their service to the Dragon King and Queen, and of course, how much they miss her.

Rayla spends the afternoon writing back, and she tells them about the things Runaan has taught her, how strong she’s grown, and how much she wants to be like them some day. By sunset her letter is on its way to the Dragonguard, and Rayla returns home to find her favorite dessert on the table: moonberry surprise. Runaan isn’t much of a cook, but he does his best.

Of course, that was before everything changed. Things are different now, and Rayla isn’t sure how she’ll spend her next birthday.

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