What could everyone’s favorite sibling duo hold closest to them? Why, a bag-of-tricks and a powerful sword, of course!

Claudia’s Satchel

A good dark mage is always prepared, and Claudia goes above and beyond. Her bag is full of all kinds of ingredients and reagents — powerful things necessary to cast a wide array of dark magic spells. Need a flame lit? Claudia’s got your back: here’s an Emberback spider in a jar! Need a little help with your aim? Never fear, Claudia’s here… with the eye of a griffon kept fresh in a tiny box! Isn’t dark magic great?

Soren’s Sword

The Crownguard are Katolis’ most elite soldiers, tasked specifically with the protection of the King at all costs. For his unmatched skill with a sword, Soren was granted a position among the Crownguard. He is the youngest in history to join their ranks, an enormous honor that Soren’s ego has swelled to match.

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