From wind incantations to dark magic spells for tracking elves, here’s a list of all spoken magic from season one!

Spoilers for season one of The Dragon Prince below.

“Mystica-arbora” – Runaan (ep. 1)

When Soren is assigned the task of locating the moonshadow elves, he is given a magical tracking moth by Viren, but luckily Runaan is able to camoflauge the elven assassins by crushing his cherished pendant, releasing powerful magic once he speaks the words “mystica-arbora.”

“Aspiro” – Claudia (ep. 2), Callum (ep. 3, 6)

The first rune spell you see in The Dragon Prince is “aspiro,” a wind-breath incantation. Aspiro is first spoken by Claudia in the library, when she shows Callum her sky primal stone, and is later the tool to Callum, Ezran, and Rayla’s escape. In the words of Callum, “I’M A MAGE!”

“Fulminis” – Claudia (ep. 3), Callum (ep. 8)

When Claudia stumbles upon Callum, Ezran, and Rayla in possession of the egg, she begins another sky magic incantation, one that generates powerful electricity, “fulminis.” It’s the second spell Callum learns during the giant leech fight in episode eight.

“Ash of fallen, rise again smokey seekers” – Claudia (ep. 3)

Spoken in reverse, this was the dark magic spell performed by Claudia by using the ashes of Xadian wolves on a blood candle. It caused a smokey afterimage of the once-alive wolves to pursue Callum, Ezran, and Rayla.

“Steal the voice” – Viren (ep. 3)

Spoken in reverse, this dark magic spell was performed by Viren using the paw of a Xadian animal. It was used to steal Callum’s voice when he approached King Harrow’s chambers before the assassins arrived.

“Regina draconis” – Runaan (ep. 3)

This incantation was spoken by Runaan to in order to send a shadow hawk with a blood ribbon message back to the queen of the dragons after his mission was completed.

“Leaping skipping flames” – Claudia (ep. 4)

Spoken in reverse, this is a dark magic spell that was performed by Claudia using the life of an emberback spider. It creates a small flame that leaps between multiple targets until disappearing, and was used to light Harrow’s pyre.

“Reveal your magic” – Claudia (ep. 6)

Spoken in reverse, this dark magic spell was performed by Claudia to try to reveal any magic secrets held by the mirror found in the lair of the dragon queen.

“Your soul is my treasure” – Viren (ep. 8)

Spoken in reverse with added chanting, this is the dark magic spell that Viren used to seal Runaan within a small gold coin.

“Fuse your essence” – Claudia (ep. 9)

Spoken in reverse, this dark magic spell performed by Claudia infused the wisp creatures with the essence of Rayla’s hair.

“Seek the moonshadow elf” – Claudia (ep. 9)

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